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Humankind and psyche are ever present themes in Christiaan Lieverse ́s figurative work. His paintings seek to captivate the viewer and raise questions, while at the same time permitting individual interpretations. Many of the canvases assign the viewer the role of an almost voyeuristic observer. Other pieces can also be perceived to be confrontational giving the viewer an active role, creating a silent dialogue between the viewer and the painted figure. . Lieverse tries to appeal to the empathy of the spectators and invite them to look for the story or motive behind the image. To achieve this he leaves the emotion unclear, by painting contradictions: identity vs confusion, intimacy vs isolation, coldness vs empathy.”


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Lieverse is a painter and photographer and search in combining both skills
Project 'abandoned places'
Metamorphosis is the key element of butterfly symbolism. Butterfly as a symbol can also represent transition, celebration, and lightness. It can also symbolizes significant change in the course of one’s life, personality or way of thinking. Cultural myth and lore honor the butterfly as a symbol of transformation. In many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul, or as a representation of departed souls of our ancestors. The Greeks likened the butterfly’s constant flitting from flower to flower to the restlessness of the mind: constantly changing from subject to subject. The Greek word for butterfly is ‘psyche’ from which we get the word ‘psychology’ – the study of the mind.
By placing butterflies in abandoned places or opposite worlds, creates a tension that makes the viewer question and maybe more aware of our contribution
The colors of the morpho-family are not a result of pigmentation, but are an example of iridescence through structural coloration: the microscopic scales covering the morpho's wings reflect incident light repeatedly at successive layers, leading to interference effects that depend on both wavelength and angle of incidence/observance.
note: The butterflies which are prepared in Lieverses work com from butterfly-farms and are collected when they have died.
Project 'striving for perfection' is based on contemporary research in which men achieved in creating hybrid embryos by injecting human DNA into cow-ovaries. In this particular study at the university of edinburg was only allow to develop the cytoplasmatic hybrids (cybrids) for six weeks. Christiaan gives us the possible outcomes..
This series is digitally created by assembling photographs from different models, mirroring for symmetry and using ‘Pi’ to depict the ‘divine proportion’. The resulting image is printed on cowhide and then painted.

The Angelus

Millet’s painting the Angelus shows us a woman and a man, body forward, looking down at the same object, a bag of potatoes. X-ray research discovered, a coffin with the size of a small child beneath the layers.

By not painting the actual subject or object, but only the person looking or thinking of it, creates excitement.  Curiosity expands our empathy and of course empathy expands curiosity

Presenting two paintings from the project ‘painted and burnt’, a young woman and a young man. Looking at the same spot, an object outside the canvas, somewhere close-by on the floor.

Burned asphalt / acryl / oil-paint on panel
366cm x 244cm x 5cm (x2)

Arbeiten von Christiaan Lieverse

power plant

Power Plant
Mixed Media
160 x 190 cm

Hybridpb 1

Hybrid pb1
Mixed Media
150 x 150 cm

The Angelus 2

Asphalt (Teer), Acryl + Öl auf Holz
366 x 244 x 5 cm

The Angelus 1

Asphalt (Teer), Acryl + Öl auf Holz
366 x 244 x 5 cm



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